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Social landlords need a mobile data collection tool that collects data for their property estates, such as: Repairs, Stock Condition, HHSRS, Asbestos, Fire Risk Assessment & Gas Inspections.

Save up to five hours per day, per person by eliminating paperwork, unproductive travel and streamline workflow and data capture.

Download the World's most mobile housing asset management software surveying app.

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Mobile data collection is an increasingly popular method of data collection.

The survey question set is delivered wih a data collection tool in the form of an Android software app that uses mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Take a look at how mobile data collection software can speed up your housing stock asset management.

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Asset management within the context of social housing enable long term management of social housing stock within a Housing Association, Arms Length Management Organisation or Local Authority housing department.

We offer a strategic planning tool driven by stock condition data to forecast future costs of maintaining housing stock. Often this includes the management of asbestos data.

Android: Mobile Working Topics

Mobile Working Topics

Mobile working is becoming increasingly popular with many industries, but still only a minority of UK organisations have actually made the break with the old 'paper' tradition. One of the reasons for this is the failure to understand the huge costs involved in paper based collection, the other is the failure to use professional survey development tools.

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Electronic Surveys and the Government

Mobile Survey Development Tools for Mobile Working

Independent Survey Solutions

The independent professional survey tool (an SDE) is good economical and flexible option, costing a fraction of any 'locked in' proprietary solution or bespoke development. Plus these professional survey tools will integrate with ANYTHING from SPSS, Microsoft Access and SQL Server to an in-house asset management system based on Oracle or Ingres.

PocketSurvey® seems to be the acclaimed leading survey tool for mobile working in the UK and US markets, with Fieldworker™ being more focused on the US only market. There are others on the market, but it is difficult to get evaluation downloads of the very expensive tools such as Codeman, Keystone, Midas etc.

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Android: Mobile Working Topics
Android: Mobile Working Topics