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Social landlords need a mobile data collection tool that collects data for their property estates, such as: Repairs, Stock Condition, HHSRS, Asbestos, Fire Risk Assessment & Gas Inspections.

Save up to five hours per day, per person by eliminating paperwork, unproductive travel and streamline workflow and data capture.

Download the World's most mobile housing asset management software surveying app.

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Mobile data collection is an increasingly popular method of data collection.

The survey question set is delivered wih a data collection tool in the form of an Android software app that uses mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Take a look at how mobile data collection software can speed up your housing stock asset management.

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Asset management within the context of social housing enable long term management of social housing stock within a Housing Association, Arms Length Management Organisation or Local Authority housing department.

We offer a strategic planning tool driven by stock condition data to forecast future costs of maintaining housing stock. Often this includes the management of asbestos data.

Android: Survey Development Environments

Survey Development Environments

Dedicated and specialised survey design tools are often referred to as Survey Development Environments (SDEs). Normally this type of software has a survey design component for the desktop, notebook or tablet PCs and a survey data collection module for handheld devices such as pocket PCs.

The Modern Trend

Asset management companies, facilities management companies, local government and independent surveyors are leaning towards using these specialised survey design tools rather than develop their own in-house systems. The main reason is cost - an in-house bespoke development can cost over £100K, whereas a typical survey development environment costs as little as £3,000. Here is one popular example of the features of a typical SDE.

Benefits of an SDE

  • Save time and money by replacing outdated paper based data collection systems with modern handheld computers.
  • Can be used for any kind of mobile data collection requirement. This can be as diverse as property management, housing management or asset management in the construction, education and health care industries. Any organisation with a mobile data collection requirement can benefit from the flexibility and power of an SDE.
  • Gives the user the power to create large complex surveys without the need for technical expertise. It is the modern alternative to costly and hard to maintain bespoke solutions.
  • React quickly to changing legislation. Surveys can often be produced in a few hours!
  • You can organise your surveys into manageable parts using groups of questions.
  • A full range of question types, including barcode, sketch, camera, calculations, single and multi-select menus, and referencing external data such as schedule of rates are often supported.
  • Seamless Internet communications enable the remote worker. It enables surveys to be carried out away from the main office, and for the collected data to be sent via the Internet back to the office within minutes.
  • Avoids the laborious task of re-keying data from paper forms, resulting in a faster turnaround of work and better management information.

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Android: Survey Development Environments
Android: Survey Development Environments