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Surveys Forms - Electronic Forms or Paper Forms?

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Social landlords need a mobile data collection tool that collects data for their property estates, such as: Repairs, Stock Condition, HHSRS, Asbestos, Fire Risk Assessment & Gas Inspections.

Save up to five hours per day, per person by eliminating paperwork, unproductive travel and streamline workflow and data capture.

Download the World's most mobile housing asset management software surveying app.

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Mobile data collection is an increasingly popular method of data collection.

The survey question set is delivered wih a data collection tool in the form of an Android software app that uses mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Take a look at how mobile data collection software can speed up your housing stock asset management.

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Asset management within the context of social housing enable long term management of social housing stock within a Housing Association, Arms Length Management Organisation or Local Authority housing department.

We offer a strategic planning tool driven by stock condition data to forecast future costs of maintaining housing stock. Often this includes the management of asbestos data.

Android: Surveys Forms - Electronic Forms or Paper Forms?

Surveys Forms - Electronic Forms or Paper Forms?

Most questionnaires or survey assessments require some sort of form, whether it is an electronic form or a paper form. The function of a form serves as a way to gather information by asking questions in order to make an analytical assessment of a situation or object. For example, in asset management you will use a form to ask questions about assets in order to track these costs maintaining the assets over their lifecycle.

Formatting Forms - Paper Survey Forms

A common mistake made when designing forms to collect or capture data is to concentrate of the layout of the form. You can spend hours making it pretty, you struggle with Word or Excel to get boxes lined up, adding unnecessary colours and going overboard with fonts! This clearly indicates that the objective of the data collection exercise has been forgotten from the outset. The sole purpose of collecting data is to analyse the data to enable more informed business decisions to be made!

Furthermore, with paper forms the tendency is to ignore the structure of the data, the repeated items, the common items, the validation rules and the flow of questions. The net result is that you collect lots of paper, it gets filed and is never analysed - hardly a recipe for a successful and efficient organisation!

Collect Data not Paper - Electronic Forms

If the purpose of a data capture exercise is to provide information to management, the emphasis MUST be on collecting the data in a structured and well-defined way. Electronic forms support this process by moving the emphasis from layout to the structure and meaning of the data.

A good survey development tool will let you design a questionnaire containing questions with validation rules very quickly. You can move the questions around, group them into sections, add common questions, cater for repeated questions and change the question type very easily.

The Role of Smart Devices

Running electronic forms on smart mobile devices enables you to collect the equivalent of 1000 feet of paper! The data can be transmitted back the office over the Internet and then analysed and reported on without any further re-keying - the saving to be gained from using electronic forms is enormous!

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Android: Surveys Forms - Electronic Forms or Paper Forms?
Android: Surveys Forms - Electronic Forms or Paper Forms?